Totally Arcade Controller 2
It's finally here. Totally Arcade Controller 2

Bring back a piece of nostalgia with this joystick
potentially inspired of some of the best equipment
that was available in the mid to late 1980s!

The controller features an arcade-quality joystick,
6 slick touch buttons to control all the menus of the
A500 Mini and two custom buttons ready to withstand
even the most frantic platformer action!

The case been completely machined and hand-assembled
in the US from robust materials.

The Totally Arcade Controller 2 is 100% user-servicable.
All you need is a phillips screwdriver.
Spare parts for individual components can be sold upon

Product information:

    Connection: USB-A, 10ft cable

        A500 Mini <- practically made for this
        PCs, Macs
        Many others (A standard USB HID Joystick)

        A, B (on the top)
        X, Y, Menu, Home (in the front panel)
        L, R (in the back)

        10cm x 10cm x 11.4cm
        4" x 4" x 4 1/2" (including joystick)

        383g / 13.5 oz total (including cable)
        310g / 10.4 oz actual in hand

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